High-performance motors

Built strong. Made to last.

Durable, user friendly designs
Durable enough for all your commercial needs.

Durability at its finest

Built for steady, repeated use in commercial restaurants and bars, Avamix blenders and juicers allow you to offer profitable menu items like smoothies, margaritas, and daquiris.

Blend, puree, emulsify, juice, and mix your way to fresh drinks and dishes with Avamix! Built to withstand daily use in commercial kitchens, this line of high-performance food & drink prep machines combine durable designs with high-powered motors to ensure maximum efficiency in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Outfitted with special features to simplify use and maintenance, Avamix units are an invaluable addition to any operation, from upscale health clubs to university dining halls.

Food Blenders

With an Avamix immersion blender, you can make short work of chopping, mixing, or blending jobs right in a bowl or stock pot. Great for soups, sauces, batters, or mousses, an immersion blender is an incredibly useful tool to keep on hand.

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Commercial Blenders

If you’re shopping for new beverage equipment for your restaurant, cafe, or bar, high-quality Avamix blenders are always a smart choice. They are great multi-purpose blenders that are perfect for everything from cocktails to spreads and dressings, boasting plenty of practical, useful features to keep your business running smoothly.

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Commercial Juicers

These electric juicers are designed to pulverize fruits and vegetables so that you can extract the juice to create a variety of delicious blends. Combine kale with green apples, or try berries and spinach to create nutritious, all-natural drinks for customers that taste great, too!

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