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Our precise blending performance has made us the go-to tool for commercial kitchens. We're the reliable, high-powered solution for your everyday needs.

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You're a busy operation, and failure is just not an option. AvaMix makes business run smoothly.

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It's affordable without sacrificing power.

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It's having variety to stay flexible.

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It's a game-changer in the kitchen.

  • 5.0
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    Just what I was expected . It fits and worked great on my avamix blender. Thanks this I saved over 100 dollars. I wish I had picture to upload. It works great.

    Octavio S.

    Terraza Inc.

  • 5.0
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    It is very convenient to hang our blender on the wall and save counter/drawer space. The hanger is easy to attach to the wall. Blender easily fits on the hooks.

    Jeff J.

    From Scratch

  • 5.0
    filled-star image filled-star image filled-star image filled-star image filled-star image

    We have a pickle business. We was cutting cucumbers by hand before we bought this machine. Since we been using this machine it has cut our processing time in half.

    Ashley R.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • AvaMix products can be purchased through WebstaurantStore and The Restaurant Store. As an online retailer, WebstaurantStore can assist with purchases to customers across the United States.

  • We do not sell direct to customers, so please visit one of our distribution partners to place an order.

  • Due to an exclusive partnership with WebstaurantStore and The Restaurant Store, AvaMix is not setting up new distribution accounts. Our online distribution partner WebstaurantStore can assist resellers in fulfilling an order for customers.

  • We do not have a customer service phone line, but if you wish to ask a question by phone, our online distributor WebstaurantStore has phone representatives available who can assist you at 717-392-7472. To reach out to the appropriate channels for a warranty claim, please see the warranty FAQs below.

  • Many AvaMix products are NSF compliant. All of our units are intended for use in a commercial setting. Our standard blenders are listed with NSF, while our food processors, milkshake machines, and juicers are certified through ETL, a division of Intertek Group, a major testing agency.

  • For warranty information or to make a claim against this warranty, please get in touch with the location where you purchased the product. Have your order number ready when calling for faster service.

    WebstaurantStore.com: Call 717-392-7472.

    The Restaurant Store: Please contact your local store directly.

    TheRestaurantStore.com: Call 717-392-7261.

    Clark Food Service Equipment, PRO Marketplace: Please contact your account manager directly. If you do not know your account manager, please call 717-392-7363 for CFSE and Pro Marketplace. Failure to contact the designated location before obtaining equipment service may void your warranty.