Apex HBX2000S 64 oz. 3 1/2 hp Programmable Commercial Blender with Stainless Steel Jar, Tritan™ Jar, Touchpad, and Sound Enclosure - 120V

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The AvaMix Apex commercial blender combines raw power and maximum simplicity in a blender that can stand up to even the busiest bars and restaurants! Its powerful motor makes it a true workhorse in any commercial setting, while the sound enclosure minimizes noise for front-of-house or back-of-house use. The smooth touchscreen display is incredibly simple to learn and can safely be used with either wet or dry hands. This multi-purpose blender is great for creating everything from cocktails to spreads and dressings, and it boasts plenty of practical, useful features to keep your business running smoothly.

This blender's 3 1/2 hp motor boasts 26,000 RPM and 1,800W, making it more than capable of handling ice crushing, drink mixing, smoothies, house-made spreads or salsa, and anything else you can throw at it. With 5 reprogrammable functions, you can set up this blender to make your most popular recipes with a push of a button. Whether you're making margaritas, smoothies, sauces, or soups, this commercial blender will ensure perfectly smooth drinks without unwanted ice or fruit chunks.

This blender comes with both a 64 oz. stainless steel jar and a 64 oz. Eastman Tritan™ jar. Add ingredients at any stage in the mixing process by simply removing the clear center lid and adding additional ingredients into the jar. The included stainless steel blender jar holds up to the wear and tear of commercial kitchens and maintains superior temperature tolerance, making it useful for both storing contents in a refrigerator or for blending hot soups. Each jar assembly includes a lid, pour cap, and heavy-duty stainless steel blades. This unit requires a 120V connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 9 7/8"
Depth: 9 3/16"
Height: 21"


    • Width

      9 7/8 Inches

    • Depth

      9 3/16 Inches

    • Height

      21 Inches

    • Amps

      15 Amps

    • Hertz

      60 Hertz

    • Phase

      1 Phase

    • Voltage

      120 Volts

    • Wattage

      1800 Watts

    • Application

      Heavy Duty

    • Blender Jar(s)

      2 Jars

    • Capacity

      64 oz.

    • Control Type

      Digital Touchpad

    • Drinks per Day

      75 or More

    • Features

      BPA Free

    • Features

      NSF Listed

    • Features


    • Features


    • Features

      With Sound Enclosure

    • Horsepower

      3 1/2 HP

    • Jar Type

      Stainless Steel

    • Jar Type


    • Plug Type

      NEMA 5-15P

    • Product Line

      AvaMix Apex

    • RPM

      26000 RPM

    • Speeds

      8 Speed

    • Type


    • Usage

      Bar Blending

    • Usage

      Food and Drink Blending

    • Removable sound enclosure quiets noise for front-of-house use

    • 3 1/2 hp motor and heavy-duty stainless steel blades withstand the busiest bars and kitchens

    • RMD touchscreen can be used with wet or dry hands

    • Includes a 64 oz. stainless steel jar and a 64 oz. Tritan™ jar

    • 5 reprogrammable functions to make popular drinks with a push of a button

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For the best results we recommend blending only fresh or partially thawed frozen fruit. If using completely frozen fruit, we suggest a ratio of 1 ¼ parts liquid to 1 parts frozen fruit on high speed.

  • Due to ginger's hard and fibrous texture, it is not recommended to use this blender to chop whole pieces of ginger. Instead, it is advised to use a knife or box grater to mince the ginger before adding it to the blender jar.

  • Yes, although we suggest chopping or mincing garlic before adding it to the blender jar for the most consistent blending results.

  • For best results, we do not recommend using this blender to make hummus. This blender is designed for creating various drinks, juices, smoothies, soups, and sauces such as salsa. We suggest using an AvaMix batch bowl food processor for making hummus.

  • For proper blending, load the jar with liquid and soft ingredients on the bottom and hard and frozen ingredients on top to avoid cavitation and ensure a consistent and smooth texture. For heavy-duty food blending, pulse the blender several times to quickly incorporate the ingredients and then switch to a constant blending speed.

  • Due to the metal construction of their drive components, blender jars are a hand wash only item. They should not be run through a dishwasher, and care should be taken to avoid directly spraying the bottom of the container with a high pressure pre-rinse faucet. For best results, clean the bottom of the jar with a washcloth and a mild detergent or sanitizer when needed.

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Amor C.

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I regret not buying this as on one of my initial investment when i opened our tea shop. We serve milkshakes and slushiess and have been using an Avamix blender. It serves the purpose for our drinks but it was noisy and feels like too much every time we use it. Now that we have this, smoothies and slushies are my favorite to make. I would buy again for our back up.

Jonathan J.

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We LOVE this blender! It has worked great and we've had no issues at all so far. High speed and can handle constant use in a busy coffee shop.

Faisal H.

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I own a coffee shop restaurant that serves smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, milkshakes etc. I have one of these as my primary blender and it handles 95% of the workload. Purchased in November 2021 and it has ripped through thousands of beverages without an issue. I'm about to purchase another for my second location and make the old one the secondary/backup blender. It also handles frozen fruits milkshakes . We do all our frozen drinks in 16oz size only and this machine can do three at a time (make sure you have that lid on tight!). Taking apart for cleaning takes a few minutes, but is not bad at all. Does not require any tools. Customers love it as the older blenders made too much noise